Kenneth Davis

New Business Manager, Global Development

Kenneth is a New Business Manager of Global Development at Fraym interested in leveraging emerging technologies to build a more just, equitable, and peaceful world. He is currently working with geospatial data produced through machine learning to better understand people in the most data-scarce parts of the world to better inform development programming. Previously, Kenneth worked as a business development professional at Global Communities and Creative Learning. He has an M.A. in Ethics, Peace, and Global Affairs from American University and a B.A. in International Affairs and Religion from Florida State University.

Speaking at:
Day 1
April 27, 2021 15:00
Using Hyperlocal Geospatial Data to Build Country-specific COVID-19 Vaccine Equity Models

Breakout session on Geospatial Data and COVID-19 Vaccine.

Technical level: Somewhat technical