Malawi MoH Digital Health Division

Maganizo Monawe

Senior Digital Health Technical Advisor

Starting in the private sector as a Systems Analyst and Programmer, my career has transitioned over the years from an expert Information and Communication Technology practitioner into an architect of technology driven strategies and solutions that influence government policies in improving the quality of life for the common person. I have driven the improvement of Health Management Information Systems (HMIS) by leading efforts to strengthen data governance frameworks which include health information policies, strategies and standards; strengthening of data and information systems which include design and implementation of HMIS data management tools; implementation of electronic health systems such as the District Health Information System (DHIS); strengthening capacity for HIS human resources and facilitating utilization of health data; driving national dialogue on Monitoring and Evaluation through coordination of the national health sector M&E Technical Working Group and its sub TWGs. Currently, I am focused at identifying strategies to make adequate health data available to the decision makers and strategies for ensuring that decision makers include evidence.

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