Edward Booty

Founder and CEO

Edward is the Founder and CEO of reach52. Edward has extensive experience in areas across digital healthcare, patient access, financing and payment systems, business model innovation, healthcare performance improvement and pathway design, business development and new service delivery approaches. He has worked in developed health economies and emerging markets - spanning the UK, Europe, India, Singapore, the Philippines, and Cambodia. Together, the reach52 team has built four core digital platforms for both citizens and clinicians, and are now implementing innovative community-led healthcare services in rural and underserved areas. Edward's work experience includes the UK National Health Service (NHS) - looking at strategic new care models and digital innovation; Capgemini, with a sole focus on healthcare, predominantly on digital innovation – leading the UK digital health practice; and Novartis in India, covering rural medicines distribution market research. He graduated with a Management Degree from the London School of Economics and Political Science.

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