Cardno International Development

Dragana Stanojevic

Chief of Party, USAID Cooperation for Growth Project

Dragana Stanojevic is setting a new standard in economic governance program delivery as the Chief of Party for the USAID Cooperation for Growth Project implemented by Cardno. Relentlessly challenging business as usual, Dragana is committed to systemic change. She is using her extensive understanding of the economic, regulatory, political and behavioral root causes impeding Serbian SME growth, to broker partnerships and reform coalitions of unlikely partners. Determined to demystify digital economy one SME at the time, she led and hosted the first national forum on SMEs in 2019 that underlined the necessity for Serbian SMEs to prepare for new markets and export-oriented business models by getting involved in e-commerce, e-payments and all other aspects of a digital economy.

Speaking at:
Day 2
April 28, 2021 14:00
Spotlight Stage 2
Digital Ecosystems: Applying the 6 "P"s in the Transition to Digital Economies

Cardno International Development has been helping Serbia create e-commerce ecosystems, contributing to a digitally ready workforce...

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